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(DOT) has denied to install a traffic light at the corner of SW 27 ST and 27 Ave.

September 17, 2016

What a shocking surprise was to hear from DOT at the September GPNA meeting that they did not approve the traffic light for 27 Ave and 27 St. At the previous meeting we were informed that City of Miami in coordination with Miami Dade County had conducted a traffic study for that intersection and the traffic light was, in fact, approved.

For more than 2 years, residents of Golden Pines have requested a traffic light at that intersection. People complain that “It is very dangerous to make a left turn” and “it is almost impossible to make a right turn to access USI because drivers block the intersection”. The situation has worsened after the construction of Grove Station Tower high rise in that exact corner.

The fight is not over yet. After the meeting, JC Garrido Commission Aide, Miami-Dade Commissioner Suarez District 7, City of Miami CITP Director Jeovanny Rodriguez and State Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez agreed that the traffic light is necessary and that they will continue requiring it to DOT.


Douglas Park :Notice of Tennis and Basketball Court Closure:

August 12, 2016
The Douglas Park Environmental Remediation and Park Restoration Project is gradually progressing. As we continue to move forward, work will migrate into the area of the Tennis and Basketball Courts beginning on September 1st, 2016. 

Any non-authorized personnel will be prohibited from entering this area beginning on this day. The duration of the closure is expected to continue until Mid-January 2017. We appreciate your patience during this period of construction.
Should you have any questions about the site improvements at Douglas Park please contact our Public Information Section at Capital Improvements & Transportation Program at (305) 416-1280 or via email directly to:   

Wendy Jaramillo                                                    Alicia C. Alvarez              

Court tosses plans for FPL’s Miami power lines

April 21, 2016

On Wednesday, a Florida appeals court threw out Florida Power & Light’s plans for two massive power line corridors running from Turkey Point through southern Miami-Dade County. The designs would differ from this corridor in Broward. Walter Michot Miami Herald Staff
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Read more here:

Read more here:


Sunshine meeting 01/06/2016 about a street light at SW 27 ST &SW 27Ave

January 27, 2016
Dear friends, for more than two years neighbors of SW 27 ST and 27 AVE have been asking to CIty of Miami and Miami-Dade County for traffic improvements, including a street light at SW 27 Avenue and SW 27 Street. Please click the following link to listen to the audio of January 06, 2016 Miami -Dade Sunshine 

Thank you 

CIty of Miami Mayor Newsletters

December 15, 2015

GPNA Community Meeting 09/08/2015

September 4, 2015


Golden Pines to Get Facelift

June 24, 2015
Golden Pines to Get Facelift Including the Creation of a New Douglas Park

The City was scheduled to start remediation on Douglas Park this July, however, in achieving that starting date, the City wouldn’t have enough time to purchase new equipment in the areas programmed for remediation. The City had intended to leave the Playground, the outdoor Gym Equipment and the parking lot in the general condition that it is in now. Though the Gym equipment is approximately only 4 years old, and the playground a little older, we believe that there are better state-of-the-art options the City should be exercising. The gym equipment currently in the park is first generation, and today, state-of-the-art is 3rd generation equipment. 

Mejoras para Golden Pines (continuar lectura)


UNDERLINE master plan public meetings

April 12, 2015
Attend an Underline master plan public meeting near you! 
If you live within 1/2 a mile of the Metrorail, from the Miami River north of Brickell down to Dadeland South, show up and speak up at The Underline’s public meetings April 16, 17, and 18. For more information about UNDERLINE see:

News about Douglas Park..

April 4, 2015

We have been recently informed by Miami District 2 Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff and CIP Director, Mark Spanioli, that restoration and renovation of Douglas Park will start this summer July/August. Also, City of Miami is taking into consideration our answers to Douglas Park survey conducted by Golden Pines NA Steering Committee More than one hundred answers were submitted to City of Miami. Click here to take the survey  


Together We Can Improve Our Neighborhood's Quality Of Life

March 20, 2015

Dear friends and neighbors,

Once again I would like to thank all of you who participated in the GPNA community meetings. Together we can improve our neighborhood’s quality of life.

Although there are many issues to solve in our community, I should mention some of the quality-of-life and essential Improvements already accomplished in Golden Pines since 2008.
Storm water Infrastructure improvements and repairs and roadway resurfacing:

2008- SW 32 Avenue Improvements from Coral Way to US 1 (milling and resurfacing, sidewalk construction and repair, drainage improvements ADA ramps.  
2009- SW 32 Avenue Improvements Additional Services.
2011-2012- SW 27th Terrace BTW 29th Ave. and SW 30th Ave (drainage improvements, milling and resurfacing).
2012-2013 - SW 25th Terr., 32nd Ave.-27th Ave (drainage improvements, landscaping and ADA, milling and resurfacing).
2013-2014SW 26th St. BTW SW 32nd Ave - SW 27th Ave (drainage improvements, milling and resurfacing).
2014-2015- Commissioner Sarnoff and CIP allocated funding for the restoration and repairs of 27 ST from 27 Ave and 32 Ave. Renovations would start this summer.

*Other projects in process for street repairs to be funded by CIP and District 4 Commissioner Francis Suarez are: 22 Terr. 23 ST, 29 Ave

Other streets improvements in the neighborhood:   

B-30681 - ARR A / C DBG-R Street Resurfacing Project (Oracle 91-02730) B-50660 
Project PH II ;B-50669 - Citywide Local Drainage Project E-78 ; B-50685 - Avalon Storm Sewer Project, Phase I – II.  

Quality of Life Improvements- traffic calming and landscaping.
        SW 32 Ave landscapin
        Traffic circles: SW 27 Terr. – Ct and 28 St
        Landscaping on 25 Terr. and 26 S
        Landscaping improvements requested for 29 Ave
        and 33 Ct and 28 St.
Douglas Park improvements 2007:  Building Renovation, Playground & Furnishings, Parking Lot and  Lighting, Sports Turf Upgrades, Court Upgrades, ADA

Unfortunately, the improvements on Douglas Park were done before Miami Dade Environmental Department ordered to close it more than year ago because of high levels of toxic contaminants founded. Commissioner Marc Sarnoff and CIP have allocated money for cleaning and restoration of Douglas Park. We expect to see the playground open this summer and final improvements of the park by the end of 2016.
The neighbors of Golden Pines are confident that when restoration is completed, Douglas Park will be nominated again as it was in 2008 “Miami’s Best  Public Park”

Again, thank you for your help and support.

Gilda Rodriguez, GPNA President



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