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News about Douglas Park..

April 4, 2015

We have been recently informed by Miami District 2 Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff and CIP Director, Mark Spanioli, that restoration and renovation of Douglas Park will start this summer July/August. Also, City of Miami is taking into consideration our answers to Douglas Park survey conducted by Golden Pines NA Steering Committee More than one hundred answers were submitted to City of Miami. Click here to take the survey  


Together We Can Improve Our Neighborhood's Quality Of Life

March 20, 2015

Dear friends and neighbors,

Once again I would like to thank all of you who participated in the GPNA community meetings. Together we can improve our neighborhood’s quality of life.

Although there are many issues to solve in our community, I should mention some of the quality-of-life and essential Improvements already accomplished in Golden Pines since 2008.
Storm water Infrastructure improvements and repairs and roadway resurfacing:

2008- SW 32 Avenue Improvements from Coral Way to US 1 (milling and resurfacing, sidewalk construction and repair, drainage improvements ADA ramps.  
2009- SW 32 Avenue Improvements Additional Services.
2011-2012- SW 27th Terrace BTW 29th Ave. and SW 30th Ave (drainage improvements, milling and resurfacing).
2012-2013 - SW 25th Terr., 32nd Ave.-27th Ave (drainage improvements, landscaping and ADA, milling and resurfacing).
2013-2014SW 26th St. BTW SW 32nd Ave - SW 27th Ave (drainage improvements, milling and resurfacing).
2014-2015- Commissioner Sarnoff and CIP allocated funding for the restoration and repairs of 27 ST from 27 Ave and 32 Ave. Renovations would start this summer.

*Other projects in process for street repairs to be funded by CIP and District 4 Commissioner Francis Suarez are: 22 Terr. 23 ST, 29 Ave

Other streets improvements in the neighborhood:   

B-30681 - ARR A / C DBG-R Street Resurfacing Project (Oracle 91-02730) B-50660 
Project PH II ;B-50669 - Citywide Local Drainage Project E-78 ; B-50685 - Avalon Storm Sewer Project, Phase I – II.  

Quality of Life Improvements- traffic calming and landscaping.
        SW 32 Ave landscapin
        Traffic circles: SW 27 Terr. – Ct and 28 St
        Landscaping on 25 Terr. and 26 S
        Landscaping improvements requested for 29 Ave
        and 33 Ct and 28 St.
Douglas Park improvements 2007:  Building Renovation, Playground & Furnishings, Parking Lot and  Lighting, Sports Turf Upgrades, Court Upgrades, ADA

Unfortunately, the improvements on Douglas Park were done before Miami Dade Environmental Department ordered to close it more than year ago because of high levels of toxic contaminants founded. Commissioner Marc Sarnoff and CIP have allocated money for cleaning and restoration of Douglas Park. We expect to see the playground open this summer and final improvements of the park by the end of 2016.
The neighbors of Golden Pines are confident that when restoration is completed, Douglas Park will be nominated again as it was in 2008 “Miami’s Best  Public Park”

Again, thank you for your help and support.

Gilda Rodriguez, GPNA President



March 13, 2015

Thanks to Providence Road Church for hosting GPNA quarterly meeting it was great. Thanks to all who came to share their concerns and opinions.
See Meeting Minutes 

Important meeting on December 9, 5:00 pm at Miami City Hall

November 8, 2014


Golden Pines NA ask you to join us on December 9 at Miami City Hall

November 8, 2014

The next Golden Pines Community Quarterly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 9th., Although we always have several items to discuss, the main issue to be addressed is the decontamination and reopening of Douglas Park that was closed by  Miami Dade Enviromental Department  (DERM) a year ago. That same day, December 9, 2014, the administration of the City of Miami has scheduled a special community meeting to discuss the restoration and reopening of Douglas Park.

It is of great interest for everyone to participate in the City of Miami community meeting,  Therefore, this time, Golden Pines Neighborhood Association ask you to please join us at City of Miami City Hall Commissioner Chamber 3500 Pan American Drive on December 9th,5:00 pm. 
Please see attached document. Gilda Rodriguez GPNA, president


Opposing Above-ground FP&L Transmission Lines in Our Community

June 20, 2014

Museum Park Is No Place For A Stadium

June 11, 2014

Talks with Beckham Group Over Possible Stadium at Museum Park/FEC Slip Location End With No Agreement


District 2 News Letter by Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff

June 7, 2014

The Social Contract: 
Take An Active Role in Improving Your Community

Check out the most recent District 2 newsletter and be sure to subscribe to receive updates on upcoming events and information that may affect you.



Dozens show up at Coral Gables meeting to oppose FPL lines

May 6, 2014

Dozens show up at Coral Gables meeting to oppose FPL lines



About 175 Miami-Dade residents attended a town hall meeting in Coral Gables Monday to express overwhelming opposition to Florida Power and Light’s proposed plan to erect power lines along U.S.1.

Residents resoundingly opposed the lines, saying if they must be built, they should be placed underground at FPL’s expense. at the gathering at the Coral Gables Museum.

Who would foot the bill for the underground burial remains a point of contention.

State Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez, D-Miami, hosted the town hall meeting at the Coral Gables Museum. No one from FPL attended, but one resident who works for the utility spoke in support of the lines.

“U.S. 1 is a reasonable place to put infrastructure,” said Ada Bill, a Coral Gables resident. “We should own our own necessary infrastructure.”

About 20 other speakers resoundingly opposed above-ground power lines.

“Who’s going to reimburse the property owners along U.S. 1 for their loss in property values?” said Nati Soto-Goldstein, of Coral Gables.

Gov. Rick Scott and his Cabinet are expected to have a decision next week on whether they will allow the 80-to-100-foot power lines to be built from the nuclear power plant at Turkey Point northward.

The proposed routes have rankled many Miami-Dade residents who don’t want the power lines running through their backyards.

FPL has maintained that the lines are necessary to facilitate a future expansion of Turkey Point.

Check back later for an updated version of this story. Follow @joeflech on Twi

Docenas comparecen a la  reunión de Coral Gables para oponerse a las líneas de la FPL


Alrededor de 175 residentes de Miami-Dade asistieron a una reunión del Ayuntamiento de Coral Gables ayer Lunes para expresar oposición abrumadora a Florida Power y el plan propuesto de la luz para erigir líneas eléctricas a lo largo de US1..

Los residentes oponen rotundamente las líneas, diciendo que si deben construirse, éstas deberán colocarse bajo tierra a expensas de la FPL. Quién pagara la factura para el entierro bajo tierra sigue siendo un punto de contención?

El Representante estatal José Javier Rodríguez organizó la reunión  en el Museo de Coral Gables. Nadie de la FPL asistió, pero un residente que trabaja para FPL hablo  en apoyo de las líneas.

"US1 es un lugar razonable para infraestructura," dijo Bill Ada, un residente de Coral Gables. "Deberíamos tener nuestra propia infraestructura que es  necesaria"
Cerca de 20 otros oradores oponen rotundamente tendidos sobre el suelo.

"¿Quién va a reembolsar a los propietarios a lo largo de US1 por la pérdida en valores de su propiedad?", dijo Nati Soto-Goldstein, de Coral Gables.

El gobernador Rick Scott y su gabinete tendrán una decisión la semana próxima sobre si permitirán construir  las líneas de potencia de 80 a 100-pie desde la planta nuclear de Turkey Point hacia el norte.
Las rutas propuestas han irritado a  muchos residentes de Miami-Dade que no quieren  las líneas de energía corriendo a través de sus patios traseros.
FPL ha mantenido que las líneas son necesarias para facilitar una futura expansión de Turkey Point.

Miami Herald, May 6 2014



Merry Christmas and Happy New 2014!

December 12, 2013
Thanks to everyone who participated in GPNA December quarterly meeting. A special thanks to Pastor Jesse for hosting Golden Pines community meeting and his assistance in making it a success.
Please see attached meeting minutes with information about City of Miami Parks contamination

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2014!!



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