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Golden Pines to Get Facelift

Posted by Gilda Rodriguez on Wednesday, June 24, 2015, In : neighborhood improvements 
Golden Pines to Get Facelift Including the Creation of a New Douglas Park

The City was scheduled to start remediation on Douglas Park this July, however, in achieving that starting date, the City wouldn’t have enough time to purchase new equipment in the areas programmed for remediation. The City had intended to leave the Playground, the outdoor Gym Equipment and the parking lot in the general condition that it is in now. Th...

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Autumn Leaves GPNA meeting

Posted by Gilda Rodriguez on Friday, September 13, 2013, In : Golden Pines NA quarterly meetings 
Thanks to everyone who participated in GPNA meeting last night. It was a very busy agenda with amazing surprises, good attendance and unexpected visitors
Among the  important issues that were discussed we have
- City of Miami budget for more police officers
- A neighborhood park on 32 Ave and 24 Terrace
- Grove Harbour proposed project. ( Please see attached a pdf of Commissioner    Marc Sarnoff' speech in English and Spanish. This proposed project will be
on the ballots on November 5th.  
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SW 25 Terr project is underway

Posted by Gilda Rodriguez on Thursday, August 9, 2012,

 SW 25 Terr Street Improvement Project is underway. Yesterday, the City of Miami distributes the notice of commencement to the community. Please see attached copy of the letter.

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Douglas_Park_Soil_Analytical_Data.pdf Douglas_Park_Soil_Analytical_Data.pdf
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Douglas_Park_Visible_Solid_Waste_Borings.pdf Douglas_Park_Visible_Solid_Waste_Borings.pdf
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