Dear friends and neighbors,

Once again I would like to thank all of you who participated in the GPNA community meetings. Together we can improve our neighborhood’s quality of life.

Although there are many issues to solve in our community, I should mention some of the quality-of-life and essential Improvements already accomplished in Golden Pines since 2008.
Storm water Infrastructure improvements and repairs and roadway resurfacing:

2008- SW 32 Avenue Improvements from Coral Way to US 1 (milling and resurfacing, sidewalk construction and repair, drainage improvements ADA ramps.  
2009- SW 32 Avenue Improvements Additional Services.
2011-2012- SW 27th Terrace BTW 29th Ave. and SW 30th Ave (drainage improvements, milling and resurfacing).
2012-2013 - SW 25th Terr., 32nd Ave.-27th Ave (drainage improvements, landscaping and ADA, milling and resurfacing).
2013-2014SW 26th St. BTW SW 32nd Ave - SW 27th Ave (drainage improvements, milling and resurfacing).
2014-2015- Commissioner Sarnoff and CIP allocated funding for the restoration and repairs of 27 ST from 27 Ave and 32 Ave. Renovations would start this summer.

*Other projects in process for street repairs to be funded by CIP and District 4 Commissioner Francis Suarez are: 22 Terr. 23 ST, 29 Ave

Other streets improvements in the neighborhood:   

B-30681 - ARR A / C DBG-R Street Resurfacing Project (Oracle 91-02730) B-50660 
Project PH II ;B-50669 - Citywide Local Drainage Project E-78 ; B-50685 - Avalon Storm Sewer Project, Phase I – II.  

Quality of Life Improvements- traffic calming and landscaping.
        SW 32 Ave landscapin
        Traffic circles: SW 27 Terr. – Ct and 28 St
        Landscaping on 25 Terr. and 26 S
        Landscaping improvements requested for 29 Ave
        and 33 Ct and 28 St.
Douglas Park improvements 2007:  Building Renovation, Playground & Furnishings, Parking Lot and  Lighting, Sports Turf Upgrades, Court Upgrades, ADA

Unfortunately, the improvements on Douglas Park were done before Miami Dade Environmental Department ordered to close it more than year ago because of high levels of toxic contaminants founded. Commissioner Marc Sarnoff and CIP have allocated money for cleaning and restoration of Douglas Park. We expect to see the playground open this summer and final improvements of the park by the end of 2016.
The neighbors of Golden Pines are confident that when restoration is completed, Douglas Park will be nominated again as it was in 2008 “Miami’s Best  Public Park”

Again, thank you for your help and support.

Gilda Rodriguez, GPNA President