Golden Pines Neighborhood Association

Douglas Park  COMMUNITY CENTER-Project No-40B40581

This project consists of furnishing of all labor, materials and equipment
 for the design and construction of a new community center of approximately

  10,440 square foot community building

 The building will include restrooms, homework room, multipurpose room,
 computer room, office
 space and storage.

DESIGN START                              10/29/1015

 DESIGN END                                  04/28/2019

TOTAL COST                                  $4,365,345


 Design at 100% complete.

Project consist of remediation of contaminated soil and park restoration.
 Park is expected to be remediated via a combination of soil removal
 and replacement in some areas, regrading the park in other areas; new playground,
 walking paths, and 
 the design and constructionof a +/‐6,000 sq.ft. recreational building.

 The City of Miami presented the Schematic Building Design 
in Golden Pines Neighborhood Meeting on March 8, 2016.
 Construction is anticipated to begin January 2017with a project duration of 12 months.

 Existing building will be demolished during the CAP construction phase. 
Douglas Park Remediation cost  $ 3,630,900.00  

The remediation and construction is anticipated to begin July 2016
 with a project duration of 12 months.

Groundbreaking for 7/6/16.

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