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What is a Swale? 

 A swale is the grassy area of land that stretches from the edge of the sidewalk
 in front of homes
 (or the property line if there is no sidewalk
 to the edge of the stree

Swales are a commonly used stormwater management tool.

They slow down the flow of stormwater and allow runoff to pond temporarily. In doing so, this helps filter pollutants from stormwater
 as it percolates into the ground,

  and it helps protect lives
 and property by minimizing flooding.

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People will drive by a home when the grass is uncut, it looks a little unkempt, and they don't even want to stop," says Helfant. "But if it is a well-manicured, well-maintained yard, they'll say,'Oh, that's a well-kept home!'   
Automatically, we connect well-kept interior with well-kept exterior.

 If I see a home that is not well-maintained on the outside, visually, then I'm going to wonder how that owner has maintained its interior, and more importantly its systems. It may not be verbal, but we can't help but think it.


Curb Appeal Exercise
The next time you come home, stop across the street or far enough down the driveway to get
a good view of the house and its surroundings
  • What is your first impression of the house and yard area?
  • What are the best exterior features of the house or lot? How can you enhance them?
  • What are the worst exterior features of the house or lot? How can you minimize or improve them? What could you do to make it more attractive?
  • Take photos of the home's exterior. If you have a digital camera, view the color versions first, then remove the color and look at it in black and white, because it's easier to see problems when color isn't around to affect our senses.
  • Make a list of the problem areas you discovered. Tackle clean up and repair chores first, then put some time into projects that make the grounds more attractive.

 Apariencia Exterior del  Hogar

(Curb Appeal)

Al conducir por un hogar donde el pasto está sin cortar,
se ve un poco descuidado, no quisieramos ni detenernos. 
 Pero si se trata de un jardín en buenas condiciones,
 lo primero que pensamos es 'Oh, eso es una casa bien atendida!
 Automáticamente, conectamos el buen cuidado interior con el exterior bien cuidado.
 Si vemos una casa que no está bien conservada en el exterior,
 a continuación, nos preguntamos cómo es que el propietario ha mantenido su interior,
 y lo más importante sus sistemas. Puede que no lo digamos,
 pero no podemos dejar de pensar en ello.
Practica para evaluar la apariencia exterior del hogar
 Observemos el exterior desde la acera de enfrente o lo suficientemene lejos de la entrada
para tener buena visibilidad de la casa y sus alrededores.
  • Cual es la primera impression que recibimos de la casa y sus alrededores?
  1. Cuales son los detalles mas atractivos de la casa o del terreno? Como hacer mas atractiva su aparoemcia?Cuales son los detalles menos atractivos de la casa o del terreno? Que podemos hacer para mejorarlos?
  • Tome fotos del exterior de la casa. Si es possible, haga las fotos a color y en blanco y negro. Es mas facil ver los problemas en blanco y negro porque el color tiende hacer los defectos algo atractivos.
  • Haga una lista de las areas donde descubre los problemas.
  • Atienda las reparaciones y limpieza como problema principal y planee con tiempo los projectos para hacer los alrededores mas atractivos.

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